Dynamic Gentlemen at Café Joppe

Dynamic Gentlemen at Café Joppe
Dynamic Gentlemen is taking the world by storm! And by world, we mean the Netherlands, because let's be honest, Orange on top! This time we'll be playing in Café Joppe in Aalsmeer. We love Aalsmeer, and Aalsmeer loves us! We've been doing our rehearsals there for years now, so judging by the sheer volume we produce, we KNOW everyone has already heard us. But instead of dancing around in your own house, everyone now has the opportunity to actually SEE us rock in Café Joppe. We will play a mix of classic rock, alternative rock and pop rock covers for you this evening. Come on down! We'll start playing around 21:30 and will stop when we really have to!


zaterdag 7 december


21:00 uur - 00:00 uur

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